Logical Enigma
AWS Notes


  • Content Delivery Network CDN
  • Edge Location - where it’s cached (can write to them - put S3)
  • Origin - S3, EC2, ELB, R53
  • Distribution - name given to the CDN and collection of edge locations
  • Web Distribution or RTMP (media streaming)
  • Cached for Time To Live TTL
  • Can clear cached objects, but charged
  • Signed URLs / Cookies
  • 1 file = 1 URL => signed URL
  • Multiple files => signed cookie
  • Assign policy:
    • URL expiration
    • IP ranges
    • Trusted signers (which AWS accounts can create signed URLs)
  • Origin Access Identity OAI
  • use SDK to generate signed URL and return to client
  • CloudFront Signed URL - different origins (EC2, S3, etc):
    • Key-pair is account wide and managed by root user
    • Can utilize caching
    • Can filter by date, path, IP address, expiration, etc
  • S3 Signed URL - direct access to S3
    • Issues a request as the IAM user who creates the resigned URL
    • Limited lifetime