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AWS Notes

VPC Exercise

A great way to test practical understanding of VPC

  • Create VPC for large block:
  • Create private subnet
  • public subnets . Autoassign public IP after create
  • Create igw in the public subnet. Associate after create
  • Create new route table for public subnet (keep default private)
    • Edit public route table to set destination to igw
  • Set up Nat GW or VPC S3 Endpoints to get updates on private subnet (nat gw is in public subnet)
    • Or nat instance from community ami - disable source/destination checks on this instance, SG allow inbound from
    • edit default/private route table to route to ngw
  • Create flow logs - need Role to write to CW logs
  • Create a web server in the public subnet w/ apache:
   yum update
   yum upgrade -y
   yum install httpd -y
   sudo yum install ec2-instance-connect -y
   cd /var/www/html
   echo "<html><h1>Hello World</h1></html>" > index.html
   service httpd start
   chkconfig httpd on
  • Create a db server in the private subnet
    • security group should allow comms from private subnet (
  • Create bastion host
    • Using ssh-add and ssh-agent:
     ssh-add ~/.ssh/private-key.pem
     ssh-add -l or ssh-add -L
     ssh -A user@remotehost.com